Swarms are a sign of a healthy colony procreating. The queen and half of her colony will leave their hive in search of a new home to begin a new hive. Often, in the urban setting, swarms may choose to settle in inconvenient locations (such as in your homes, by storefronts, or even on your carport door).

Swarm Rescue

If you have found a swarm, we will respond and provide the wayward bees a new home in a more suitable and bee-friendly location. Stay calm and cherish the moment you are witnessing – a bee swarm is in fact harmless and is one of nature’s most astounding phenomenon’s. Contact Us if you have found a swarm that needs to be re-homed.

VANCOUVER HONEYBEES will respond to swarm calls within the Lower Mainland and encourages all neighbourhoods to relish co-existing with bees. If you would like the swarm to stay within your neighbourhood to help pollinate local flora, we would try our best to give them a new home in a community garden nearby or place them with a hosting family in your neighbourhood. 

Are you interested in hosting some bees? Contact Us .