We supply Warre hives (widely referred to as “The People’s Hive”) and encourage Warre hive beekeeping for healthy, natural beekeeping. All our hives are hand-made in Vancouver, BC using Western Red Cedar grown and harvested here in our Pacific Northwest. The hives are built to industry standards using proper bee space and contain modified removable top bars to comply with local beekeeping laws. Fully assembled, each hive comes complete and ready to house your bees! 
Vancouver HoneybeeThe Complete Apiary -$560 
This package gives you everything you need to get started
– including the bees!
Perfect for the aspiring new beekeeper
to any beek wanting to add to their apiary.


  • Assembled Cedar Warre Hive (see below)
  • 8-Frame Colony; bees & brood
  • 1 Queen Bee, ready-laying
  • Natural Beekeeper’s Kit: Universal Veil, Hive Tool, and Bee Brush
  • Hardcopy Manual of “Beekeeping for All” by Abbe Warre
  • Organic NON-GMO Pollinator Seeds for your Bee Garden

Cedar Warre Hive -$340 
Comes fully assembled and ready to house your bees. 

  • Gambled Roof
  • Canvassed Quilt Shim
  • Cedar Shavings
  • 2 8-Frame Hive Bodies
  • 16 Removable Top Bars
  • IPM Screened Floor Assembly

Additional Hive Bodies -$50 each 
Provide your bees an extra hive body or two to act as honey chambers
and for your ease when it comes to honey harvests.

  • Cedar Hive Body
  • 8 Removable Top Bars

Natural Beekeeper’s Kit – $48 
A natural beekeepers tool kit 

  • Universal Folding Veil
  • Stainless Steel Hive tool
  • Soft Bristle Bee Brush

Abbe Warres “Beekeeping For All” Hardcopy Manual – $24
A 158-page informative and well illustrated manual written by
the founder of the Warre Hive System himself – Abbe Warre.